Ceremony is a way of
touching that in us
which is sacred

12 – 15 compositions
(including beverages)
menu changes monthly
always a new experience

Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food

Creating a menu is like
composing a symphony

What is a Gastronomic Ceremony

Our Gastronomic Ceremony revolves around the medicinal and healing aspects of plants and the gourmet food that is made from those plants. The purpose is to connect, through the spirit of the sacred plant, with yourself on a deeper level.

Our self-imposed challenge is to create bold, rich flavors without the use of animal products, gluten, soy, white sugar and all chemical/artificial ingredients. We focus on using local, ancestral ingredients and presenting them with creativity, innovation and style…. OUR style.

You will experience a multi course gourmet tasting composition prepared by Chef Annie and Chef Mico, that not only pleases your palate, but nurtures your soul as well. Welcome to The Culinary Alchemists.


“El Oasis will be missed in Cuenca, but Costa Rica’s Gain!”

It was such a privilege to be a part of the closing of the El Oasis dining ceremony here in Cuenca, EC this past weekend. El Oasis will be greatly missed now that they are relocating to Costa Rica. They may be leaving but their impression with always remain. The gifted and talented partners, Mico and Annie, have created an extraordinary and unique plant based dining concept that goes way beyond anyone’s imagination. The people of Costa Rica are so fortunate to experience a new found dining experience like no other. Here’s to Mico and Annie! You may have moved on to your next adventure but you will never be forgotten. Salud!

– Cindy Benson, 6 Sept 2022

Complete Immersive Experience

My wife and I attended the final public gastronomic ceremony that the owners of this incredible restaurant held in Cuenca last night. They are moving their entire operation to Costa Rica early next year. Everything that the eleven of us who attended last night experienced was unique and special. The food and drink — much of which is simply celestial — was just one aspect of the evening. For over four hours we all — patrons and proprietors alike — shared in an otherworldly communal moment that was — frankly — unreproducible. We are so grateful to have been able to participate in this experience and wish Mico and Annie and Steve and Malia the best of luck in their exciting new adventure in Guanacaste.

– Michael D., August 2022

A unique culinary journey

I highly recommend El Oasis if you are looking for an elevated dining experience. The chefs take great care in sourcing the highest quality plant based ingredients from all over Ecuador.

The flavour, texture and presentation of each course were carefully curated and I appreciated how the chefs provided a brief explanation for each creation.

I consider myself an introvert, but felt very comfortable within the group seating arrangements. Dining with guests from 10 different countries is not something that happens often!

Chefs Mico and Annie are so incredibly talented. How lucky Cuenca is to have them! We will be back!

– Viktoria, February 2022

Beautiful ceremony with absolutely incredible food!

This dinner ceremony was such a beautiful experience. There is so much intention put into the event and the food. It was intimate and so enjoyable getting to know the other guests. The food was out of this world amazing. I am not a vegan but I thoroughly enjoyed every dish that was presented. Every bite was so flavorful I was absolutely blown away. I highly recommend experiencing this ceremony.

– Arrianna C., June 2023

Healing orgasmically through food

First let me describe my experience with restaurants.

I spent over 40 years supporting the ambience of countless Michelin star restaurants. I have dined in them often, during which time I consulted with many of the Chef’s.

Culinary Alchemists does not fit into any of their molds. It is a unique culinary and healing experience that can only be appreciated during one of their limited ceremonies.

The evening of the ceremony I entered a remote location where I experienced centuries old knowledge of eating and healing during this remarkable plant based cuisine served with mindful intentions.

It was absolutely wonderful to take part in Chef du Cuisine – Mico Eagle Feathers and partner Annie Lulu’s creations.

I have reviewed it in detail in an online travel magazine called Wonderlust.

It will give you insight into this remarkable experience

– Robert D., May 2023

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