Welcome to your Gastronomic Ceremony with The Culinary Alchemists

Our commitment is that we hold space in a sacred way, we show up with open hearts and open minds, we source only the best ingredients – organic/locally grown whenever possible, we smudge the space and ourselves before any work takes place.  Everything is made in our kitchen by Chefs Annie & Mico, not by a team of helpers and cooks.  Butters, milks, cheeses, breads, condiments, plate decorations, 99% of everything we use is made from scratch in our kitchen. Our kitchen is 100% free of all animal products, soy, gluten, white sugar and artificial/chemical ingredients. Only the highest quality products from around the world are used in our creations. Our menu changes every month, but minor changes may occur based on ingredient availability. Our ceremonial offering is 12-15 compositions including beverages, but that can vary depending on the theme for the month and the whim of the chefs.

This is a Ceremony… it’s not just about putting food in your mouth. Take your time, be conscious and present, enjoy your food  with intention and awareness, and be thankful for the nourishment and healing that you are receiving. Experience this and so much more at a Gastronomic Ceremony with The Culinary Alchemists. We are not a restaurant where you casually stop by for a meal. We are an international gastronomic destination where open-minded foodies come to experience the kitchen alchemy of our 2 chefs, Annie & Mico, as they transform local ingredients into artistic masterpieces that not only please your palate, but nourish your body, mind and spirit. Chef Annie and Chef Mico are the originators of the Gastronomic Ceremony, created at their first restaurant, El Oasis in Cuenca, Ecuador, and now exclusively available at The Culinary Alchemists. This is the only place in the world to offer this unique experience – This is the Art of healthy cuisine and communal dining.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands what to expect from their Ceremony, we have a comprehensive list of information, rules and guidelines that must be read and agreed to. Please follow this link to our Etiquette page  with all the information.