What is a Gastronomic Ceremony

A Gastronomic Ceremony revolves around the medicinal and healing aspects of plants and the gourmet food that is made from those plants. 

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Opening in Matapalo, Guanacaste ~ Early 2023

The Gastronomic Ceremony, created by Chefs Annie & Mico, and made famous at their former restaurant, El Oasis, in Cuenca, Ecuador… is coming to Matapalo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. After reaching #1 out of 700 restaurants on TripAdvisor in just 20 months, and receiving a nomination for Best Foreign Chef in Ecuador 2021, they have accepted an opportinuty to move their gourmet, ceremonial concept to Costa Rica.

Wow, a MUST visit if you're in Cuenca and want a truly AMAZING experience

Wow. I’m a foodie, I’d like to think I’ve tried enough food to know what’s good food and what isn’t.

This is an all time top 3 dining experience This is quite literally a ceremony as they call it. You’re going to have such a unique experience here unlike anything you’ve likely had before.

Each dish is meticulously prepped and planned out weeks in advance for each and every visitor.

It shows in the little details that they care about giving everyone that walks through that door a dining experience that is so so hard to find anywhere in the world.

I’m not a vegan but after having the pleasure of eating at El Oasis, I just might be after eating here. Thank you Mico and Annie for this unforgettable experience.

If you’re in Cuenca and you really want some incredible food, THIS is the place to go.

Another AMAZING Experience

I have been to El Oasis numerous times (too many to count). Every single time it is an experience to be rememebred and treasured. The food is always different and complex. The flavors and presenteation are truly exceptional. This is one restairant you do not want to miss.

Complete Immersive Experience

My wife and I attended the final public gastronomic ceremony that the owners of this incredible restaurant held in Cuenca last night. They are moving their entire operation to Costa Rica early next year. Everything that the eleven of us who attended last night experienced was unique and special. The food and drink – much of which is simply celestial – was just one aspect of the evening. For over four hours we all – patrons and proprietors alike – shared in an otherworldly communal moment that was -frankly – unreproducible. We are so grateful to have been able to participate in this experience and wish Mico and Annie and Steve and Malia the best of luck in their exciting new adventure in Guanacaste.

Always a Totally Amazing Experience

I’ve now eaten at El Oasis eight times and every single time has been an experience to remember! First, it’s not
just a dinner-it’s a ceremony. Second the food is amazing, incredible, delicious…and each dish of the 8 courses is a work of art. Neither my partner nor I-nor many of the friends we’ve taken to El Oasis-is vegan. However, every single one has said they can’t wait to return!! It’s a 4-hour celebration of flavor!

Third, the restaurant has new tile tables with fire pits, and very comfortable upholstered chairs. The dining room is restored to its original Cuenca patrimonial style and is a lovely place to spend an evening.

Fourth, Chefs Miko and Annie are welcoming, inventive, and explain every dish and every ingredient (traditional and innovative dishes made from scratch with local Ecuadorean ingredients).

Don’t miss El Oasis if you’re in Cuenca, Ecuador, whether you’re vegan/ vegetarian…or not!