The Culinary Alchemists have arrived in Costa Rica.

Jan 23, 2023


It’s been almost three weeks now, since we arrived. For Mico, returning to Costa Rica, is like coming back home. While he has lived in Arenal before and feels comfortable in this beautiful country, it was the first time for Malia and I. We have not been here before and yet we are home, as we always carry home within us. Leaving what we had built behind, leaving once more our comfort zone and moving towards new experiences, jumping into a complete new life – that is what we are used to and feel comfortable doing. Starting all over from scratch, exploring a new country, new people, new customs, even the Spanish is different, recreating and reinventing ourselves over and over – it’s a very humbling experience.

Getting used to the intense midday heat, adjusting from 2,560m altitude to sea level. We moved into our new home surrounded by nature with the sounds of parrots, frogs and howler monkeys.

Starting from scratch is like you are being presented with this beautiful white canvas, that is waiting for you to fill it with your creations. One of our first steps is to transform the covered outside area into a sacred ceremonial space and the future kitchen of The Culinary Alchemists.
– Chef Annie Lulu


It still feels surreal, returning to Costa Rica with our gourmet ceremony concept in tow. But the Universe has spoken, the doors have opened and here we are….walking forward into the unknown, faith in hand, side by side, to take what we created in Ecuador and raise it to a new level. Our hopes are that, in this new location steeped in nature, vibrancy and abundance, our dreams will blossom and afford us the opportunity to share what we have created with a larger and more diverse clientele. We want to share with the world, the magic of our Gastronomic Ceremony, reconnecting individuals as community, restoring the traditions of gathering around healthy nourishing food and consciously giving time and attention to each other and to what and how we eat. This is the essence of a true Gastronomic Ceremony facilitated by The Culinary Alchemists.
The stage is set….
– Chef Mico Eagle Feather


“The Gastronomic Ceremony, created by Chefs Annie & Mico, and made famous at their former restaurant, El Oasis, in Cuenca, Ecuador… is coming to Matapalo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. After reaching #1 out of 700 restaurants on TripAdvisor in just 20 months, and receiving a nomination for Best Foreign Chef in Ecuador 2021 and 2022 they have accepted an opportunity to move their gourmet, ceremonial concept to Costa Rica.”